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This week's notices



Vicar:  The Revd Canon Chris Wilton 01977 682122

Associate Priest:  The Revd Nick Plant 0113 287 6064 

Permanent ('Distinctive') Deacon: The Revd Wendy Plant 0113 287 6064 

Readers:  Mr John Taylor 0113 287 2535 ~ Mr Norman Sutcliffe 0113 281 3460


14 July 2019 – FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY (Proper 10)

please remember to keep the last five minutes before the services, and especially the time during the administration of Holy Communion,for quiet prayer and reflection (a bell will be rung before the main service at Sherburn)


Welcome to our services today, and especially to Lucius Markison being baptised at Sherburn and all his family and friends.

Once again, huge congratulations to Cora Allen and Lizzy Allanson on their parachute jumps nine days' ago!!  The sponsorship total is now over £1700, to be very generously be matched by Lizzy's employer, Costa Coffee.  This will be split between All Saints, Sherburn, and the Diocese of Ho, Ghana.  Please could any outstanding sponsorship money be brought to church by Sunday 4 August.

Thank you again to all who supported in any other way the concert last weekend in Sherburn church., which raised £460 for church funds.

Micklefield:  the tombola stall at Belle Isle Gala, organised by Bev Walker, with Ann Hughes, raised £216 for Micklefield church.

Organ copy of Sherburn hymn book has reappeared!  Thank you!

Sunday School (Sherburn): re-starting September 2019, for all ages from babies up to teenagers, but we need some more volunteers to help please – sign-up form with more details at the back of church.

Day by Day Book (Sherburn): 15 July - Wedding of Kenneth & Margaret Stott (1961).  Forms available in church to apply to remember a special day.

Selby Food Bank: collection box at Sherburn.

£oose change for Bp Matthias: collection jar in Sherburn church for anything you can give, eg any loose change, for the Diocese of Ho.  

Your prayers are asked for those who are ill: 
Saxton with Towton:
June Pick. 
Aberford: Margaret Taylor, Eileen Whitfield. 
Micklefield: Allen Walker, Michael Needham, Jennifer Hudson, Finley Black, Ken Townley (deacon), Abbie Flynn, Maggie Moss, Gail Clark, Eric Webb.
Sherburn & Barkston Ash: Jean Keeling, Karen Smith, Dorothy Mills, Greta Wilkinson, Hilary Bower, Emily Barrie, Sandra Jackson, Vicky Loughnane, Stuart Cram, Hannah Wallace, John Townend, Jacqui Jolleys, Fiona Clark, Abigail Hope, Norman Craven, Nicola Sorby-Woodcock, Carol Law, Mary Varley, Jessica Rogers-Saye (8), Peter Thompson, Steve Kirkland, Steve Sudlow, Yvonne Lawton. 
Please tell Angie of any amendments.

We pray for those who have died recently:  Brian Toes (67), Janet Broomhead (62), Robert John James McGonagle (76), Jean Delyse Limbert (78), Eileen Elizabeth Potts (90), Stuart Best (57).  May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

Years Mind (Micklefield):  Peter Evans

Please tell Fr Chris if you know of anyone needing Communion or a visit at home, or who is in hospital.



Today, 14 July

12.30pm  Holy Baptism (Sherburn)

 6.30pm  Evensong (Sherburn)

Monday 15

  Swithun; Bonaventure

  9.30am  Selby Deanery Clergy Chapter Meeting (South Milford)

10.00am  Funeral and interment of Stuart Best (Micklefield) 

Tuesday 16



  9.30am  Morning Prayer (Aberford)

  6.30pm  Guides (Sherburn Church Hall)

  8.00pm  Bell ringing practice (Sherburn)

Wednesday 17


  9.30am  Eucharist (Micklefield)

  7.15pm  Midweek Eucharist (Sherburn)

  7.30pm  Study Group at 10 Hallfield Avenue, Micklefield

Thursday 18

  Elizabeth Ferard

  1.30pm  Micklefield School Year 6 rehearsal in church

  6.40pm Choir practice (Sherburn)

  7.00pm  Micklefield School governors' meeting

Friday 19

  Gregory & his sister Macrina

10.00am  Saxton School Leavers' Service

  2.15pm  Micklefield School Leavers' Service in church.  All welcome.

Saturday 20 – Margaret of Antioch, Bartolomé de las Casas



Worship next Sunday, 21 July


(Proper 11)

  9.15am  Morning Prayer (Barkston)
  9.15am  Eucharist (Saxton)
  9.30am  Eucharist (Micklefield)
10.45am  Parish Eucharist (Sherburn)
11.00am  Morning Worship (Aberford)
  3.00pm  Evensong (Lotherton Hall chapel)
  6.30pm  Evensong (Sherburn)

•  August:  a reminder that as usual there will be no midweek services and no Sunday evening services during August.

•  The next Fifth Sunday will be 29 September, with Benefices Eucharist at 10.00am at Saxton, no other services that day.

•  Chat-a-Cake: Sherburn Church Hall, second Thursday each month, 2.00pm.  Informal tea, chat & get-together, for any and everyone – all very welcome. No meeting in August – next is 12 September.  Details Cora Allen,  01977 683172 or 07759 317544.

Saturday 30 November:  Sherburn Christmas Fair – soon be here!  See separate notice from Ken (01937 830148) for what is