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This week's notices




Vicar:  The Revd Canon Chris Wilton 01977 682122

Associate Priest:  The Revd Nick Plant 0113 287 6064

Permanent ('Distinctive') Deacon: The Revd Wendy Plant 0113 287 6064 

Readers:  Mr John Taylor 0113 287 2535 ~ Mr Norman Sutcliffe 0113 281 3460

Benefices Administrator:  Angie Wilton 01977 682122, 07866 801046, avmw28@aol.com

Sunday after Ascension Day
Alleluia!  Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

Eucharist at 10.45am from Sherburn church as usual, and Evening Prayer at 4pm, on Facebook and WhatsApp. Having celebrated Christ's ascension into heaven, we now observe the days between Ascension Day and Pentecost as days of prayer and preparation for the celebration of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.  This has become a global wave of prayer called 'Thy Kingdom Come', when we are encouraged to pray in whatever way we want, for others to come to know Jesus Christ.  If you have the technology available, there is a booklet of services and bible references for Morning, Evening, Day and Night Prayer for each day to download from the Church of England website (http://www.churchofengland.org/more/church-resources/thy-kingdom-come), or a free app with audio to download via the Apple App Store or Google Play from http://www.chpublishing.co.uk/apps/thy-kingdom-come.  A fuller version of these details has already been sent to email recipients of the notices – if you would like any more information, please get in touch with Angie.

Weekly or monthly giving:  do please consider giving by standing order or bank transfer instead of weekly collections or envelopes.  Sherburn envelopes can be left at the Vicarage, or contact Angie to arrange for Elizabeth (Wilton) to collect.  There is also a supply of Gift Aid envelopes in the Vicarage porch if you usually give that way.  For drop-offs or Gift Aid for the other churches, please contact the Treasurer.

Bank details for all our churches below if you wish to make donations by internet transfer; if you wish to set up a standing order, please contact the relevant Treasurer, names and phone numbers also given below:

PCC of Sherburn in Elmet, sort code 40-41-45, a/c no 21117254 (Treasurer Mark Fletcher, 01977 684276);

PCC of All Saints, Saxton, sort code 40-44-01, a/c no 30724602 (Treasurer, Carol Wilkes, 01937 557144);

DCC of Holy Trinity, Barkston Ash, sort code 40-41-45, a/c no 71068555 (Treasurer Gwyneth Stephenson, 01937 557466);

PCC of St Ricarius, Aberford, sort code 40-44-01, a/c no 20724521 (Treasurer Pat Slater, 0113 2730688);

PCC of St Mary the Virgin, Micklefield, sort code 05-00-20, a/c no 11352370 (Treasurer Sharon Beanland, 0113 287 3481)

Weekly notices and the Sunday readings are circulated as widely as possible, together with other useful information.  If you know of anyone else who would like to receive them, or if you currently receive a hard copy but could instead opt to have them by email, please let Angie know (contact details at the top of the page).

And don't forget the WhatsApp group, 'Sherburn Benefices Group', as an extra layer of keeping in touch. To join, please send Angie your mobile number (contact details above).

Selby Foodbank: box for donations is in the Vicarage porch at Sherburn, so please do leave whatever you can.  If easier, you can donate cash instead, via Sherburn church bank account (details as above, reference Food Bank, over £1000 given this way so far), which Mark will then transfer. Many thanks to Philip & Dawn Younge for taking supplies to Selby – the total this week was 63kg. Demand at the Food Bank has eased off a little, probably due to various ad hoc local arrangements, so temporarily we're going to send donations fortnightly.  The next collection therefore will be Friday, 5 June, at 10.00am.  If you can't get your donations to the Vicarage yourself, Elizabeth is happy to collect them (as for Sherburn weekly envelopes, above).  Very many thanks for all your donations so far, both in kind and in cash.

Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals: it is still not possible to conduct weddings or baptisms in church. Funerals must be either at the graveside or at the crematorium, with minimal attendance permitted.  Your prayers are asked for all affected in any way by these restrictions.

Day by Day Book (Sherburn):  24 May - Birthday of Marjorie Jackson (1905), by the Jackson family.  Forms in church or from Angie to request a special day to remember.

Your prayers are asked for those who are ill: 
Saxton with Towton:
June Pick. 
Aberford: Margaret Taylor, Lauren Ward. 
Micklefield: Michael Needham, Jennifer Hudson, Finley Black, Maggie Moss, Gail Clark, Mildred Brook, Florence Charlesworth, John Oliver.
Sherburn & Barkston Ash: Jean Keeling, Karen Smith, Dorothy Mills, Greta Wilkinson, Hilary Bower, Emily Barrie, Sandra Jackson, Stuart Cram, Hannah Wallace, Jacqui Jolleys, Jessica Rogers-Saye (8), Peter Thompson, Yvonne Lawton, Gwen Laycock, Neil Williamson, Barry Milnes, Julie Priston, Margaret Mackman, Mick Clarke, Alan, Carlo Raimondo, Sharon Rhodes, Stuart Marshall, Laura Murray, Steven.
Please tell Angie of any amendments to this list.

We pray for those who have died recently: Alice Wright (104); Robert Marshall Fretwell (78); Susan Tweedie (74) [Margaret Stott's sister, funeral was 22 May at Harrogate crem]; Martyn Hill, Heather Murray Rhodes (81); Patrick Broomhead (78); Violet Davies-Evans (112); Peter Johnson; Harry Issatt (79); Edna Whinn (96).
May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

 D I A R Y 

Today, 24 May

10.45am  Eucharist from Sherburn church (Facebook & WhatsApp)
  4.00pm  Evening Prayer (ditto)

Monday 25
The Venerable Bede


Tuesday 26
John Calvin; Philip Neri

2.00pm  Funeral of Edna Whinn (Pontefract crematorium)

Wednesday 27

7.15pm  Midweek Eucharist from Sherburn church (Facebook & WhatsApp)

Thursday 28


Friday 29


Saturday 30
Josephine Butler
Joan of Arc; Apolo Kivebulaya



Next Sunday, 31 May – DAY OF PENTICOST (Whit Sunday)
services as today

but sadly of course, no service of Confirmation as had been hoped.
It will be re-arranged as soon as we can, possibly in the autumn, but we shall have to wait and see