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This week's notices



Vicar:  The Revd Canon Chris Wilton 01977 682122 frwilton@aol.com

Assistant Curate:  The Revd Philip Grayson 01977 680234 & 07969 859317

Associate Priest:  The Revd Nick Plant 0113 287 6064

Permanent ('Distinctive') Deacon: The Revd Wendy Plant 0113 287 6064

Readers:  Mr John Taylor 0113 287 2535 ~ Mr Norman Sutcliffe 0113 281 3460

Benefices Administrator:  Angie Wilton 01977 682122, 07866 801046, avmw28@aol.com

18 October 2020

please remember to keep the last five minutes before the services, and especially the time during the administration of Holy Communion, for quiet prayer and reflection (a bell will be rung before the main service at Sherburn)

Welcome to our services today.  Services at Sherburn continue to be streamed via Facebook and WhatsApp.

QR Codes: these are now in place, so if you have downloaded the app for the NHS Track and Trace please use it to record your attendance as this will greatly matters.

Micklefield: Thank you to everyone who gave money to support Water Aid (our Harvest Charity). A total of £178 was raised. Brilliant!

Annual Memorial Service:  this was scheduled to take place at Sherburn on Sunday 1 November at 6.30pm, but obviously is unable to go ahead as planned.  Next year's service, on 31 October, will therefore cover two years.  However, although there can be no special service this year, Sherburn church will remain open on Sunday 1 November from about 12.30pm until the normal evening service at 6.30pm.  Fr Chris and Phil will be in the church during this time should you wish to visit, whether to light a candle, offer a prayer, need to talk, or simply sit quietly remembering your loved ones.

evening Eucharists at 6.00pm alternating between Saxton and Barkston continue.

Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer:   from 20 October, will be said daily Tuesday to Saturday, usually in Sherburn church, at 9.30am (NB slightly later time) and 5.15pm respectively, led by Phil. The Thursday morning service will be streamed on Facebook; the Thursday evening service will be at SAXTON church.

All are very welcome to attend any or all of these services.

Aberford: Aberford Church Flower Group would like to thank Mr Noel Speight for the beautiful chrysanthemums he has grown for us to use in church for Harvest Time.  Once again, even in this difficult year, our church is glowing with the very special beauty of these flowers.

Flowers at Sherburn:  more helpers to do altar flowers are desperately needed please!  No experience or flower arranging 'skills' needed – flowers in a vase are just fine, so long as we have fresh flowers by the altar and aumbry each week.  ALSO even more desperately needed is someone willing to take on the organisation of the arranging rota, as Susan Cox sadly has had to give up doing this.  Please speak to Angie as soon as possible if you can help.

£oose change for Ho:  collecting jar at the back of Sherburn church for any loose change you have lying around to help support Bishop Matthias and the Diocese of Ho in Ghana.

Private prayer:  Micklefield church open Wednesday to Sunday each week, 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Selby Foodbank: donations in Sherburn Vicarage porch, or donate cash instead. Next run Friday, 6 November, 10.00am.  We sent 100kg on Friday, the biggest amount yet, so thank you to everyone, and especially of course to Philip and Dawn Younge for taking it all.

Day by Day Book (Sherburn):  no dates this week.  Forms in church or from Angie to request a special day to remember.

Your prayers are asked for those who are ill: 
Saxton with Towton:
June Pick. 
Aberford: Margaret Taylor, Lauren Ward. 
Micklefield: Michael Needham, Jennifer Hudson, Maggie Moss, John Oliver, Mandy Jones, Andrew Moakes.
Sherburn & Barkston Ash: Jean Keeling, Dorothy Mills, Greta Wilkinson, Hilary Bower, Emily Barrie, Sandra Jackson, Stuart Cram, Hannah Wallace, Jacqui Jolleys, Yvonne Lawton, Jessica Rogers-Saye (8), Peter Thompson, Neil Williamson, Margaret Mackman, Carlo Raimondo, Joan Waters, John Payne, Rob Braithwaite, 'a friend', Peter McCleave, Mary Moore, Sandra Jolly, Phil Jolly & Luke Jolly.
Please tell Angie of amendments to this list.

We pray for those who have died recentlyDora Marsh (101); Barry Milnes (80) & Barbara Milnes (78); Betty Mannering (73); Vanessa Gail Long (55); Deborah Taylor (58); Frank Chappell priest, Jean Whittle (90), Audrey Asbury (96).

Micklefield Years Mind:  -
May they rest in peace and rise in glory

 D I A R Y 

Today, 18 October

following the service:  PCC meeting to ratify accounts (Micklefield)
  4.00pm  Enthronement of Archbishop of York (live stream from York Minster)
  6.30pm  Evening Prayer (Sherburn)

Monday 19
Henry Martyn

  7.00pm Aberford PCC meeting on Zoom

Tuesday 20

  9.30am  Morning Prayer (Sherburn) daily Tuesday to Saturday, starting today
  5.15pm  Evening Prayer (Sherburn) daily Tuesday to Saturday, starting today EXCEPT on Thursdays when the service is at Saxton

Wednesday 21

   9.30am  Eucharist (Micklefield)
  7.15pm  Midweek Eucharist (Sherburn)
  8.00pm  Standing Committee (Sherburn vestry)

Thursday 22

  9.00am  Morning Prayer (Sherburn church, also on Facebook & WhatsApp)
  2.30pm  Funeral & interment of Audrey Asbury (Sherburn)
5.15pm  Evening Prayer (Saxton church)
  6.40pm  Choir practice (Sherburn)

Friday 23


Saturday 24

10.00am  Interment of ashes of Valerie and Philip Hellawell (Sherburn)
  6.00pm  Eucharist (Barkston)


Next Sunday, 25 October
(N.B. the clocks go back to GMT)

   9.15am  Morning Prayer (Saxton)
  9.30am  Eucharist (Micklefield)
10.45am  Eucharist (Sherburn)
11.00am  Morning Prayer (Aberford)
12.15pm  Burial of ashes of David Chapman (Sherburn)
  6.30pm  Evening Prayer (Sherburn)

•  APCMs (must be before 30 November):  
Barkston – Monday 26 October;
Saxton – Monday 9 November;
Sherburn - Wednesday 11 November. 
Micklefield – Monday 23 November;
Aberford tba.

Sherburn Church-sitting:  finishes for the year at the end of October. If you can help next season, please contact Brenda Thornton, 01977 684168 or roger.thornton2@btopenworld.com.

Sherburn Flower Rota  - October
18            Marj Danby (arr Sheila Hawking)
25            Margaret Long (arr Sheila Hawking)

Flowers are £20 per week (if possible by the end of the preceding month please; either give to Angie or pay by bank transfer and tell Angie) OR *you supply & arrange them yourself.