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Youth Group


The youth group serving the Benefices of the Sherburn in Elmet group of churches was formed some two years ago, with the intention of bringing together youngsters from all the parishes in an informal Christian setting. Unfortunately when children get to the age of eight and nine it becomes more difficult for parents to persuade them to come to church, and C.H.A.O.S. was started to at least keep them thinking about church, Christianity, and what having a faith might mean.

The sessions usually run on the first Friday of the month, between 6 and 8.30pm. They are a mix of prayer and topical discussion, games and activities, a pizza meal and finally end by saying Compline( the last service of the day) together. It has always been the intention to have children from 9-13 years old in the youth group, and then to form a different group for the 13-16 year olds, based more upon a discussion type time together. The ages of those attending the group from the inception has meant that the second group will be starting in the autumn of 2014. At present we have an average attendance of 12 children, and it has led to some of them taking a greater role in the life of the churches though confirmation and acting as acolytes and singing in the main choir.

The groups name has taken some time to be decided on, but having seen it in the media it has been adopted as the sessions are sometimes just that, chaos, but obviously in an organised sense! The abbreviation stands for Christ Has All Our Solutions, and if we let Him into our lives that becomes very evident and is a great support to our lives, however old or young we are.


If you would like to know more contact Martin Otter on 01937 557254