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This week's notices



Vicar:  The Revd Canon Chris Wilton 01977 682122 frwilton@aol.com

Assistant Curates:  The Revd Phil Grayson 01977 680234 & 07969 859317

The Revd Caroline Comer-Stone 07775 868189

The Revd Wendy Plant 07803 125389

Associate Priest:  The Revd Nick Plant 0113 287 6064

Readers:  Mr Norman Sutcliffe 0113 281 3460

Benefices Administrator:  Mrs Angie Wilton 01977 682122, 07866 801046, avmw28@aol.com

7 August 2022

please remember to keep the last five minutes before the services, and especially the time during the administration of Holy Communion, for quiet prayer and reflection (a bell will be rung before the main service at Sherburn)

A special welcome today to twins Aarlo Christopher and Aoifie Ann Jackson being baptised at Sherburn and to all their family and friends.

Huge congratulations to David and Kathleen Lovatt on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on Thursday, 11 August.

August:  as is customary during August, most things at Sherburn are taking a rest, so:  NO Sunday evening services, Wednesday midweek service, Sunday School, Baptism Preparation, bell ringing practice, choir practices, or Chat-a-Cake (next is 8 September). 

However, Morning & Evening Prayer at Sherburn, Wednesday morning Eucharists (apart from 17 August) at Micklefield, and bell ringing practices at Aberford ARE continuing. Everything back to normal from Thursday 1 September.

Morning Prayer :  -- 9.30am, Tuesdays (Aberford), and  Thursdays (Sherburn). 
Evening Prayer: -- 5:15pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at SHERBURN, Thursdays at SAXTON.

Day by Day Book (Sherburn):   
11 August - marriage of David & Kathleen Lovatt (1962).
Forms to request a day to remember available at the back of church.

Your prayers are asked for those who are ill: 
Saxton with Towton:
June Pick, baby Albert Grayson & his parents Laura & Jonny. 
Aberford: Margaret Taylor, Lauren Ward. 
Micklefield: Michael Needham, Jennifer Hudson, Maggie Moss, June Kelly, Thomas James Shillito.
Sherburn & Barkston Ash: Jean Keeling, Dorothy Mills, Greta Wilkinson, Hilary Bower, Emily Barrie, Sandra Jackson, Stuart Cram, Jacqui Jolleys, Yvonne Lawton, Peter Thompson, Margaret Mackman, 'a friend', Peter McCleave, Jessie Vause, George Bishop, Alan, Andrew Sedman, Janette Brettell, Mike Barnard, Julie Priston, Norman Craven, Harper Proctor (2), Ann Oliver, Mary Varley, Danielle Germaine, Sally Bunney, Matthew Allen, Janet Burgis, Victoria Jolleys, Néstor Pastor Beato, Thomas James Shillito, James Rush
Please tell Angie of any amendments.

We pray for those who have died recently: Henry Marshall (77); George Ambrose Brown (94); Joy Christine Gibson (86); Teresa Trayford (87); Leslie Edward Hills (78), Gordon Richard Render (88) [funeral Weds 17 August, 11.00am, Micklefield], Gwan Sykes

Years mind: Joanne Bulmer, Katherine Griffin, Anne McLean, Michael Bouls
May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

 D I A R Y 

Today, 7 August

 10.45am  First Sunday Service (Sherburn) followed by Teddy Bears' Picnic – all ages welcome, but must bring a teddy!
 12.45pm  Holy Baptisms (Sherburn)
   3.00pm  All-Age Worship (Fairburn)
(apologies for omitting this from last week's notices)
(no evening service)

Monday 8

  7.30pm  Mission Evening, Sherburn Methodist Church: come and join Rachel and Syl Deigh  for an evening of West African culture and discover more about what it takes to be a Mission  Partner in Sierra Leone, with time to ask questions about how it feels to uproot yourself  and move to a different continent, and opportunities to find out how we can offer support.  Refreshments will be served. 
(No Ecumenical Fellowship Group meeting – next is 5 September)

Tuesday 9
Mary Sumner

 No Bell ringing practice (Sherburn) – next is 6 September

Wednesday 10

  9.30am  Eucharist (Micklefield)
 No Midweek  Eucharist (Sherburn) – next is 7 September

Thursday 11
Clare of Assisi

 No Choir Practice (Sherburn) – next is 8 September

Friday 12

 10.00am  Selby Food Bank run from Saxton and Sherburn

Saturday 13
Jeremy Taylor; Florence Nightingale; Octavia Hill

  3.00pm  Blessing of the Marriage of Thomas Elliot Broomhead and Rhia Kaur Dhanda (Sherburn)

Next Sunday, 14 August  2022

  9.15am  Eucharist (Barkston)
10.30am  Family Service (Saxton)
10.30am  Morning Prayer (Micklefield)
10.45am  Eucharist (Ledsham)
10.45am  Eucharist with Baptism (Sherburn)
11.00am  Morning Prayer (Aberford)
12.45pm  Holy Baptisms (Sherburn)

no evening services

• Selby Food Bank: next Sherburn/Saxton run THIS FRIDAY, 12 August, 10.00am.  Donations (cash, cheque or bank transfer) via Sherburn bank account also very welcome.  Items particularly noted on Facebook recently as being in short supply are: tinned meat (to eat hot or cold), tinned carrots, packet mash, crisps & snacks, pasta sauce, curry sauce, and extras such as toilet rolls, shaving foam, deodorant and hair conditioner.  Please be as generous with your donations as you can - donation boxes are in the Vicarage porch at Sherburn, and at the  back of the church at Micklefield (where there is also a box for used stamps for Martin House).

 •  Last Summer Organ Concert, Friday 26 August, 7.30pm, Sherburn church: with Alistair Timmis.  Tickets £10.

 •  Monday 5 September (the day before school starts again), 10.00am-12 noon, Micklefield church:  Children's Activity morning! Join the fun to make lots of things and to enjoy yourself.  Refreshments available, more details later.

• Sherburn church sitting: offers of help please to Brenda Thornton, 01977 684168, roger.thornton2@btopenworld.com.

August 2022 flower donor rota (Sherburn)
7 August Judith Brindle Pam Wrigglesworth
14 August Jean Glover Sue Anderson
21 August Rosemary Garton Lizzy Allanson
28 August Peter Chittock tbc.

Flowers cost £20 per week, given to Angie by the end of the preceding month please.
Flower Coordinator Lizzy Allanson (07738 832445)