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Lonely or Bereaved? Come to Chat- a-Cake




The loss of a loved one is probably the most traumatic event in anyone’s life.  The church is always there for those who are bereaved, and we believe that talking to others who have been bereaved is one way of sharing your pain. Father Chris has asked me to organise an informal get-together where you and your family can come and have a chat, a cup of tea and meet others who are also dealing with bereavement.  I would like to have a few get-togethers during the year and hope that you would feel free to come along and spend some time with us. The next meeting will take place on Thursday 10 January at 2pm in the Church Hall. You will be warmly welcomed.


My name is Cora Allen, phone numbers 01977 683172 and 07759 317544.  If you would like more details, do please call me.